Winiko’s demonstrations disrupt business in Blantyre


Business was brought to a standstill in the commercial capital Blantyre due to demonstrations which were organized by politician cum comedian Bon `Winiko` Kalindo.

Shops in Blantyre were closed for a handsome number of hours, and there was a traffic jam in the highway for a great number of hours, which made it had for business to run smoothly.

Although the demonstrations were meant to be peaceful, they were not devoid of drama. Some protestors took down a guava tree in Blantyre`s Central Business District.

Kalindo led the demonstrations in protest against the high cost of living among other issues. He claims that President Lazarus Chakwera`s led government has failed to honour a Lions` share of its campaign promises.

Some of the promises which Kalindo highlights are creation of a million jobs in a year and reduction of passport costs.