Marantha threatens to deal with those turnishing the school’s image


    Marantha Academy has vowed to take an action against people who are spreading false information about the private education service-provider.

    A statement, which has been signed by the school’s Head Teacher Aaron Banda, the institution has refuted the news.

    “On 25th January, 2023, some unknown people started circulation false information about students of Maranatha Girls Academy. In a Facebook post by Sheilla Favoured Banda, it is alleged that about ten students at Maranatha Girls Academy are opening bowels and vomiting.”

    “The Facebook post also appealed to parents to go and visit their wards at Maranatha Girls Academy in Machinjiri.” reads the statement in partial

    As away of dealing with those at the centre of propagating the false reports, the school offers K500,000 to track the ‘criminals’.

    Maranatha and other schools in Blantyre faced a delayed opening due to cholera outbreak in the major cities of Blantyre and Lilongwe.

    Schools in the said cities opened on 17th January, two weeks after education institutions in other districts started operating.