Patience Namadingo second album that made him famaous with songs like Ntendere and Mbiri was recorded at Eclipse studio in Lilongwe. Bleek produced the two songs Ntendere and Mbiri from the scratch. By then Patience Namadingo had no idea about music production.The rest of the songs were produced by Skeffa Chimoto and Lulu who were working as producers at Eclipse studio.The owner Mr Mwanya had no knowledge on how to record and he did not play any instrument.

Recently, Bleek requested Namadingo to feature in Breaking the limits show so that he can share his experience while working with Bleek on his two tracks that made him famous. Patience did not show up for the show and later he went live on facebook lying that Bleek only mastered the two tracks. Bleek got hold of the video just this December and he is now telling Malawians the truth about the first album of Patience.

Patience also claimed that the two producers Skeffa and Lulu looked down at him but it turned out he lied again Lulu and Skeffa produced the rest of the songs in the album.
Patience claimed he had one million kwacha when he came to Eclipse which turned out that Patience did not have any money and the studio wanted to delete his tracks because he failed to pay studio fees. Infact his mother came to his rescue and paid the studio fee.