‘The Legends’ – social group in Area 22 plants over 300 trees

    Lilongwe - Area 22 Legends Group

    A social group called Area 22 Legends in Lilongwe planted over 300 trees along the banks of Mchesi river which runs along Area 22 their residential area.

    Blessings Chishala Banda who is the chairman of the group, said that “as a group we noticed that our area suffers alot of flooding from the river during the rain season as a result of lack of trees and poor vegetation”.

    Area 22 Legends Chaiman Blessings Chishala Banda and some group members

    “We were all born and grew up here but such floods were not happening since this place had alot of trees back in the days when we were young”, Banda further explained.

    They planted about 300 trees and the group is very determined to carry out various nature conservation measures so as to curb the flooding problem.

    The Legends group had earlier engaged their constituency MP, honourable Nancy Tembo who is also the minister of Forestry and Natural Resources and one of their meeting agenda was about nature conservation.

    Area 22 Legends group members

    During the tree planting exercise, when spoken to the Area block leader Mr Alex Jere, said he was very delighted with the sudden emergence of the group which has already carried out a number of vital initiatives. He further said that a few months ago, the Legends group had donated essential items such as food and clothing to the elderly and vulnerable people in the area. He commended the group’s ideas and confessed that this is the first time that he has seen the youth coming up with such brilliant ideas to support their local community.

    (Left) Area 22 block leader Moses Jere – (Right) Legends Group member Joseph Jere