Nkhaka resurfaces in Kwabwera Mahule video


The trending song in Malawi entitled Kwabwera Mahule has exhumed Nkhaka (Cucumber) a fruit which stole the show in the country two weeks ago.

Done by less known musician Avokado, the video was released a few days ago. Visuals for the song have brought back to life the story of a young lady who filmed herself masturbating using a cucumber.

In the music video, an erotic video vixen shows off her dancing moves while holding the fruit in a way that speaks a lot of 18+ volumes.

Malawians now associate the fruit in question with sex following leakage of the video involving an unidentified girl.

Disregarding the Nkhaka part, the kwabwera mahule video features one of the pioneers of Malawi`s urban music Annie Matumbi.

However Matumbi`s appearance in the video is argued to add less value to the product considering that he long lost relevance in the country`s music industry.