Rute joins Islam


South African based Malawian comedian Rute has bowed down to demands of Muslims by joining their religious denomination.

This follows threats made to the Chewa comedian by some unknown Muslims. Rute was told to join Islam or face the music if she ignored the directive.

The local girl irked Muslims when she made fan of the fasting season which people belonging to the religion in question are currently observing. She asked them to conclude fasting because the moon had come out of her private parts to mark the end of the season.

After angry reaction from the Muslim community, the Chewa lady went on to issue a public apology and deleted the video which was deemed to be a mockery to the religion. However the ‘victims’ declined to accept the apology without a condition.

According to the Muslims, she had to join their religion to be forgiven. In response, Rute was spotted at a Mosque in her base Capetown cladding an Islamic regalia.

Some people have faulted those Muslims who have been threatening the comedian to join Islam. They believe that people should not be coerced to join any religion.

“Malawi is a secular state as in it is not guided by religious principles. Therefore it is high level of insanity to be forcing people to join your religion just because you feel they mocked it,” Said Richmond Mdezo

Some people believe Ruth crossed her lines. Fiskani Chunda said, “Am a Christian but Rute crossed her lines. There are somethings you cannot joke about.”

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