Namiwa in good health – Malawi Police


    The Malawi Police Service has denied rumours that activist Sylvester Namiwa is battling for his life after being assaulted by the men in uniform.

    Speaking in an interview with the media, national police spokesperson James Kadadzera has said the reports should be labelled fake.

    “Namiwa is still in custody and in good health contrary to some social media reports that his life was in danger.”

    Kadadzera has also advised Malawians to refrain from circulating fake news.

    “We are warning Malawians to refrain from tendency of circulating fake news.”

    The activist found himself in police custody for leading an illegal vigil at parliament buildings in the capital Lilongwe. According to the vigil organisers, it was aimed at knowing the parliament stand on how the loan authorization bill was allegedly smuggled into the house.

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