Mtambo branded the crooked authority

Minister of Civic Education and National Unity Hon. Timothy Mtambo

Minister of education and national unity Timothy Mtambo is under fire for failing to walk the talk as a leader of Citizens for Transformation Movement (CTF).

The leader is being accused of aligning his interests to Malawi Congress Party (MCP), contrary to the promises he made when he was launching the movement. Recently, Mtambo was campaigning for MCP parliamentary candidates in Mangochi and Karonga districts, ahead of the by-elections.

Critics have faulted him for being partisan which is in conflict with his promise to promote interests of Tonse Alliance.

Renowned political analyst and social media influencer Wonderful Mkhutche argues that Mtambo should have said the truth in the first place, regarding his political association.

“Timothy Mtambo has all freedom of political association. Just that you don’t hoodwink people with a said neutral political entity only to be acting otherwise using the same claimed neutrality,” he wrote.

Many others have also commented that Mtambo has been pro MCP from day one and was only hiding behind the HRDC curtain. Such commenters think that they have been used to amplify the human rights messages only to realise later that Mtambo was doing all this for personal interest.

In defense of their leader, CTF has said that their movement is a political platform that was formed to help build new Malawi as such they cannot limit themselves.