How different is K6.2Bn Saga from CashGate – Nankhumwa speaks to media


The leader of Opposition Hon Kondwani Nankhumwa MP today held a Press Conference in Capital City Lilongwe in reaction to the K 6.2 Billion Covid 19 Funds Scandal that has provoked the anger of many Malawians.

He said that the media had pressurised him for a press briefing and in his address, the below points were noted;

  1. Nsanje District of the Lower Shire has not benefited from the Covid 19 Funds.
  2. K 30 Million assigned to Nsanje District Council disappeared on the same day it was allocated.
  3. K 42 Million was used in Lilongwe to pay allowances.
  4. In the Old Capital City , Zomba , K 30 Million was diverted to other issues.
  5. Lilongwe City Council received K 85 Million but K 42 Million was spent on Allowances.
  6. Nankhumwa says he will resign as a member of Presidential Covid 19 Task Force if Chakwera doesn’t act on K 6. 2 Billion fraud.
  7. Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa MP has said that the only solution to K 6.2 Billion Covid 19 Scandal is forensic investigations and Audit because Millions and Millions are missing.
  8. Nankhumwa has clearly emphasized that the Presidential Covid 19 Task Force has no capacity to investigate K 6.2 Billion stolen by Government Officials.
  9. Nankhumwa says he has never met Chakwera as President since he took Power.
  10. Nankhumwa has asked Government to consider starting giving Malawians K 35,000 ( Thirty Five Thousands Kwacha) monthly allowances to cushion Malawians from the impact of Covid 19.