Chakwera promotes women in judiciary appointments


President of Malawi Lazarus Chakwera has uplifted more women in the judiciary following concerns over gender inbalance in public offices.

The announcement on the appointments was  made on Monday. Out of the twelve judges who have been elevated, seven are women and five are men.

The President has appointed the following to serve as Justices of appeal in the Supreme Court, Justice Healey Potani, Justice John Katsala, Justice Ivy Kamanga, and Justice Charles Mkandawire.

The President has also trusted the following to serve in the High Court, Her Honour Justice Agness Thokozani Patemba, His Honour Justus Asante Kishindo, Her Worship Violet Chipao, Her Honour Anneline Kanthambi, Her Honour Vikochi Chima, His Worship Mzonde Mvula, His Worship Simeon Mdeza, Mr Masauko Msungama, Mr William Msiska,  Mrs Maureen Kondowe, Mr Mandala Mambulasa and Mrs Charlotte Malonda.

Gender activists have appraised the President for taking a giant step in addressing the gender issue in public offices. Others have labelled Chakwera a listening president.

“The President has heard our cry and it should not end here.  We are hoping for more,” said Wezzi Mphande.

Some people have argued that increasing the number of Judges will help in fast tracking of cases.

“This is good news for our country. That means fast tracking of many cases we are sick and tired of,” commented Mfundo Balakasi.

According to the Office of the President and Cabinet, the appointments are with effect from 20th October, 2020.