Malawians abroad initiate online shopping


Malawians living overseas have set up an online shopping site named WergoMarket, three of the founders live abroad while one is based in Malawi. The main objective of Wergomarket is to assist people to directly buy products from shops instead of sending money to their relatives back in Malawi regardless of where they are situated in the country.

One of the founders Mmodzi a Master of Science Global Marketing obtained at University of Liverpool in UK, said they looked at what the world is offering at present on a global and regional perspective; what are the successes and challenges and asked themselves why can’t it work in Malawi.

They looked at Malawi’s scenarios for example the address system, internet coverage, usage and pointers on what is viable and its gaps.

“There are challenges with sending a low amount of money when your disposable income is less. For example US$10 in Malawi can go a long way to alleviate someone’s financial status”.

“Wergomarket will strive to make sure that those in the remotest should benefit and in that way Malawi’s GDP will grow,” he said.

The other founders are Marumbo Chunda (Master Degree in International Management-University of Bolton); Joseph Mtenje Mmodzi (Master of Science Information System-University of Huddersfield and a lady Walinase Chunda (Master of Science Money Banking and Finance-University of Lancaster).

Two of the founders, Marumbo and Walinase Chunda are based in United Kingdom, Mmodzi in Geveva (Switzerland) while Mtenje Mmodzi is in Lilongwe.

WergoMarket, a subsidiary of Small World, an already existing tracking company was formed in March this year and officially launched in June. Below is the link to this wonderful online market;