Mordecai Msiska turns down Minister position


Malawian Lawyer Mordecai Msiska has turned down an offer to be the new Minister of Justice in President Lazarus Chakwera’s cabinet.

Msiska was Chakwera’s lead lawyer in the presidential election nullification case that gifted him the presidency. The newly elected president appointed Msiska on Monday to be Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, succeeding Bright Msaka of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) who was appointed by the former leader Professor Peter Muntharika.

But Msiska has said he communicated the decision to the appointing authority, appreciating for being considered for the post, though he would not be taking the offer.

He said it would seem like it’s a reward for helping new President Chakwera win the court case that canceled rigged elections won by his opponent.

Msiska has been praised by many political commentators across the country and elsewhere in the world for his professional act in maintaining his integrity.

Other commentators had written comments with “raised eye brows” for the new president as it seems this appointment was made without consulting Msiska prior to making the offer announcement. They referred to the the mistake which his predecessor Muntharika had made by choosing MCP Lobin Lowe for a position in the Covid 19 task team without Lowe’s consultation.