Kalindo leaves UTM – maintains criticism against Tonse government

Bon Kalindo

Controversial politician Bon Kalindo has announced his resignation from UTM as a member of the party and Director of Youth. It is believed that he has dumped his official vehicle at Dorvic Hotel in Blantyre where he made the resignation announcement to journalists. “The keys are at the reception, party officials can come to collect it, ” he said.

Kalindo, said he will proceed to hold a series of national demonstrations against the high cost of living and unfulfilled campaign promises by the Tonse administration. The first demonstrations are scheduled for Friday in Blantyre which have been dubbed “Malawi Salibwino”

When addressing the journalists in Blantyre, he maintained his stance that corruption has worsened under the watch of the Tonse administration. He questions why the administration is allegedly failing to investigate the plundered COVID-19 funds.

He claims that the current regime has inherited nepotism traits from the DPP government and alleges that State House has been turned into a family estate, offering most jobs to family members.