Young musician accuses Namadingo of using him

Namadingo & Made See

Young artist Made See has accused Patience Namadingo of using him to enhance his charity brand.

The juvenile musician has made the accusations through a video clip that has gone viral on the internet.

“My life is still the way it was. He has never given me any money,” Said the Litiro star.

This has stirred debate on social media with some people supporting the lad, while other are against his move.

“The kid has been let down and he is being judged like an adult. Wrong! Children are normally impatient, they learn to be patient as they grow,” reads King Jassi’s view in partial.

“All I can see is an impatient kid, who is struggling and so much desiring to become famous. A young kid struggling with the burden of talent and skill buried in him, and yet still want the world to meet and see it,” said Tsoka Patrick.

Namadingo started promoting the kid last year. The deal included sponsoring his education through FDH Bank.

After all the debate, the Mapulani creator is yet to comment on the matter.