Onesimus offers ‘Panado’


Malawi’s South African based AfroBeat star, Onesimus is back with another banger titled ‘PANADO’ which has already shaken the international music circles.

Born Armstrong Kalua, Onesimus has merged with South Africa’s DJ Megi in the well cooked Panado hit which is set to make someone dance with worries away.

The Hosana star has in the song vehemently condemned and rebuked people who are always there to gossips, hate and criticize someone who is making strides in life.

The AFRIMA award winning artist further added that it is very shameful that people who call themselves Christians get themselves busy damaging other people’s reputation and he has referred them to Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus.

“Amakonda miseche, amakonda munthu udzivutika, zochitika zawo ngati siwopemphera. Daily daily busy mtopola, kubaya ma damage, kuupatsa moyo wanga challenge, machitidwe awo ngati Judas, makhalidwe awo ngati njenjete.” Goes the first verse.

In the hook Onesimus is heard singing that haters wants him to be washed away or to be in deep sorrow and there is need to give them chill pill as a perfect remedy for their evil deeds.

“Amafuna ndi kokoloke, amakhumbira nditakokoloka, amafuna ndi sokoloke, amafuna mwina nditakomoka, ansanje apatseni panado panado, amweko panado panado, panado panado.” goes the hook.

Meanwhile, Panado has stormed Malawian airwaves as it is enjoying massive airplays on most local radios and it has also gotten several plays on the BBC radio.

The single which got released some days ago, has been mastered at the Muthaland entertainment in South Africa.

Kalua has done some amazing collaborations with several DJs and producers from cross the continent which reflects the artist’s talent and abilities to communicate across genres as he embarks on his musical journey.