UK based upcoming singer MBL releases single “Okondedwa Wanga”

Musician MBL

Singer Monnah Billy Lungu who is popularly known in the music industry as MBL has released his second single called Okondedwa Wanga.

MBL was born in Malawi but migrated to the United Kingdom when he was 20 and currently works full time for the British Army. When spoken to Low Profile Malawi, he said that, “music is just a part time thing that I love doing, I think I dance more than I make music”.

“I  have always loved music since I was very little, I used to dance alot and I still love dancing but my growing up had no exposure to the music equipment”. The only experience I had was singing along to the songs that were very popular in those days. My father used to make traditional music, most of the Ingoma songs from Mzimba district were done by my late dad.

As MBL was growing up, he started having ideas of making music, he could listen to a song and sing his own words. About 5 years ago he came up with an idea of using his mobile phone and record random songs.


The upcoming artist said he was very much inspired by the Nkhalamba song video by his nephew Wiza Kaunda which also featured MBL in a supporting role. MBL first single was ‘Pain Yanga’ which he said was massively influenced by Wiza Kaunda.

“I am really into afrobeats, so I will mainly be trying to incorporate these genres into my music”. He is currently working on his other three songs which will be coming out soon. He will also be looking into collaborating with other musicians as well as performing in live shows.

MBL was very thankful for the large following that he has been getting since the release of the song as people have expressed love for the track. He also conveyed appreciations to his family and friends for their encouragement and a special “thank you” to his wife for taking a greater part in the video and the kids for not disturbing when the recording was taking place in the living room which happens to be his studio.

The single is available for download on our beautiful website and is also currently on Youtube and can be viewed on the below link.