Mob justice still escalates – MDF soldier killed for hitting a child in a road accident

    Staff Sergeant Beka - MDF

    Staff Sergeant Beka of Malawi Defense Force has been beaten to death by angry mob in Lilongwe, Kawale Township after his car had hit a four year boy.

    The boy suffered fatal injuries and had died on the spot.

    In revenge to this unfortunate occurrence, the angry mob attacked the the soldier and beat him to death. Beka died at Kamuzu Central Hospital while receiving treatment.

    Bob justice has been on the rise in the recent years as there has been many circumstances whereby civilians have been taking the law into their own hands and in most cases killing the victims.

    On the other side of the story, road accidents have also been on the rise and many concerned citizens are questioning the driving standards of many people. It is believed that most people are not qualified to be on the road and this includes the vehicles as most of them are not roadworthy.