Castel Malawi launches new spirit packaging


Castel Malawi, a company which is a master of beverages has officially changed the face of its spirit brands.

Events to mark the launch of the new face of the spirits took place on Friday in Salima, Mangochi and Mulanje.

The three spirit beverages whose outlook has changed are Malawi Gin, Premier Brandy, and Malawi Vodka.

When asked if the change in the packaging will affect the taste of the alcoholic drinks in question, Castel management said it is only the outlook which has changed and not the taste.

This means that Malawians and others will continue to enjoy the mouth-watering taste of their favourite spirits.

The three brands of spirit came to life in 1965. They remain in the top category of Malawi’s popular alcoholic drinks. Their popularity transcend to foreign countries.

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