UK to Malawi air cargo gradually resuming


Business is gradually coming to it’s normality in the air cargo industry as one of the big freighter company Air Cargo Malawi (ACM) will resume it’s weekly freight on 3 June 2020 which operates from London Heathrow (UK) to Lilongwe in partnership with Emirates Airlines.
The service was suspended in March due to the global effects of Covid 19. ACM is with immediate effect accepting cargo for their services at their offices in London, Dubai, and Lilongwe or through agents elsewhere.

Other freighters such as Swiss Global will also resume the air cargo services next week to their usual destinations, Lilongwe and Blantyre. Swiss Global further advised that their sea freight service to Malawi was not hugely interrupted and their containers depart every week as usual.

However, UK passenger flights to Malawi remain suspended but there is a possibility that airlines to selected destinations will resume on June 15. It is yet to be established if such flights will include Malawi depending on whether Malawi will opens it’s borders.
Airlines face a prolonged uphill climb before air travel demand recovers to pre-pandemic levels, as passenger numbers are likely to remain below last year’s levels until 2023.