First ever Malawian cinema movie costs K40 million: cost likely to increase


It has been revealed that HD Plus Creations coughed a whooping K40 million on production of Malawi’s maiden cinema film Fatsani.

The production company which is synonymous with crafting music videos, has further revealed that the cost is likely to increase due to other logistics. The hefty cost undoubtedly makes Fatsani the most expensive work of art that has ever been produced in Malawi’s theatre circles.

The movie will be launched at Bingu International Convention Centre in the Capital Lilongwe in April next year. The launch will among others be graced by an undisclosed international artists.

Speaking to the press last week, HD Plus Chief Executive Officer Gift ‘Sukez’ Sukali said the launch was due to take place in September this year,  but the devastating effects of Covid-19 made it impossible.

He added that financial challenges also derailed the process. After the launch the movie will also be screened in different localities in an effort to bring back the cinema culture in the country.

Fatsani is a story about a young girl who joined the small business sector after her school was closed due to water problems. In an effort to bail out her poor grandmother, she started selling banana in the streets where she faced aggressive city authorities.

The movie boasts about a talented local cast. It has been produced in good quality.