Sky Energy sponsors second trailer for Fatsani – A tale of survival Film aiming for Netflix


Sky Energy a Malawian owned solar installation company has bankrolled the second trailer for local film Fatsani. 

 The film is scheduled for release on 30th April this year .The trailer will be released on 23rd February 2021 with the intention of getting the attention of Netflix. 

Netflix does not have a lot of Malawian subscribers which makes it difficult for Malawian movies to be considered .Therefore , the makers of the movie have opted to push for requests from Malawians and the continent at large in order to open that door .

“The second trailer will be released on Tuesday morning on Twitter at 8 am  on my twitter account.Malawians can do it too,we can make it to Netflix .Please help us reach out to Netflix“ Gift Sukez Sukali said .He is the director of the movie.

“I love the fact that the movie is a result of collaborative efforts from different young Malawians .It is an honor to help this team especially during these difficult times.The movie is educative and it will be a powerful tool for social change in Malawi .Sky Energy is passionate about uplifting such kind of art .“