New Year message from Peter Kuwani president of Mbakuwaku Movement

MMD President - Peter DSD Kuwani

The perennial celebration of Christmas continues to be an enlightenment that Love is the rightful occupant of a heart of goodwill hence the need to have companionship with the birth of Jesus Christ religiously, culturally and commercially extended to new year. 

Within the confines of renewed love, we find solace for a better tomorrow, as the befitting race to the road of success is to have hurdles wrestled so that the untold story of politically driven social and economic inequality is flagged as a reality by the privileged society. 

The recent celebration of Christmas has been refreshing on the need to have the will of God laid down as bedrock to societal constitutionalism, for the intersection between the two is to spearhead love and justice across humankind.

There is strong correlation between constitutionalism and the dictates of God, as such one can hardly claim to walk along a path of justice or love if either side of the divide is violated and yet not remorseful.

The worst societal misconception is making an insinuation that constitutionalism is of little value addition to the country‚Äôs social and economic development, just like the undesirable motivation to perpetrators of injustice is to embark on a political career on the premise that impunity is exempt from the dictates of the law.  

Any crime against humanity should never be tolerated, though worth drawing a lesson from the Prince of Peace whose spiritual endeavors fell prey to mob justice as he was not accorded an opportunity to be heard, hence the need to embrace dissenting views when dealing with societal moral decay to avoid venting anger on innocent souls. 

The greatest input to peaceful mind is obeying the dictates of equality, or else advocates of impunity will succumb to nature just like a king of the jungle who upon terrorizing weaklings is equally mobbed and mocked by flies after being conquered by age.

Whilst extremists exonerate illegality for personal agenda, rebuking and reprimanding lawlessness is a dish for advocacy for a common good.

The fear of God is truly the beginning of wisdom, as solitary consultation of a dictionary is not an attribute of intelligence but rather an acknowledgment to the never-ending knowledge gap. 

The Unwavering Faith is strengthened as the recently celebrated birth of the Lion of Judah is meant to restore love where there is hatred, hope for the heartbroken, justice for the trampled upon, light where there is darkness and healing for the bedridden. 

We have to face the future with hope whilst using faith as a leveler for the perceived pothole, as the success story of the new year will not solely hinge on triumph against Covid-19 pandemic, but rather reengineering weaknesses into strengths and transformation of threats into opportunities.

The befitting new year gift to Malawians and the rest of the world is a package containing assorted items of everlasting love, joy, hope, tolerance, coexistence and reconciliation as materiality is perishable and fails to withstand the test of time.

Peter DSD Kuwani-The National President 

For: Mbakuwaku Movement for Development-MMD

MMD Chifupi ndi Chikondi Chenicheni