Namadingo branded as a lifesaver


Malawi’s trending musician Patience Namadingo is a subject of kind words following his fundraising activity for a fellow musician.

Namadingo was informed about a cancer victim, guitarist William Kachigamba’s dire need for money to the tune of K3 million for medical attention. The Mapulani star accepted the challenge by raising the funds in a unique way on Tuesday.

The singer stood at a site that was meant for the erection of Mahatma Ghandhi’s statue at Ginnery Corner in Blantyre. He sacrificed meals and vowed not to leave the site until money was raised.

Malawi’s president Lazarus Chakwera and politician Atupele Muluzi supported the initiative. The president added icing on the cake when he settled the remaining balance which was going to keep  Namadingo at the site longer than expected.

Atupele supported the fundraising with a whooping K1 million. It has been reported that more than the required amount was raised.

Malawians have praised the singer for reaching out to Kachigamba. Some of his fellow musicians have said Namadingo will be remembered as a hero for his life saving effort.

Abusa Wikise of the Chikamphulikire fame has rated Namadingo as the greatest of all time (goat). He said the country needs more Namadingo’s to achieve social economic development.

William Kachigamba is expected to leave for Zambia any day for medical attention. He cannot get the service in Malawi due to lack of facilities.