Mutharika’s accounts frozen by Anti Corruption Bureau


The Malawi Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has frozen bank accounts for former state president Professor Peter Mutharika, his wife Getrude Mutharika, bodyguard Norman Chisale and former deputy CEO for Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) Roza Mbilizi, in relation to the on-going investigations into alleged corrupt practices such as the importation of cement worth K5 billion from Zambia and Zimbabwe on duty free.

The ACB has frozen the accounts after it had noticed a multiple of bizarre withdrawals amid the investigations that is taking place.

“We have frozen two Mutharika’s accounts; one that is solely owned by the former president and another, a joint account with his wife. One account for Norman Chisale and three accounts for Roza Mbilizi at NBS Bank, National Bank and Standard Bank, said the anonymous ACB agent.

It was further said that the accounts have been frozen so that the bureau is capable of effectively conclude it’s investigations on the issue. However, the exact amounts in the frozen accounts were not disclosed.

Mutharika is involved in the cement incident which his personal bodyguard Chisale, former Chief of Staff for State Residences, Peter Mukhito and Lilongwe based businessman Ahmed Chunara were arrested on allegations that they imported a huge number of cement bags using Mutharika’s Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN).

However, Mutharika vehemently denied any involvement and issued a press statement, saying he had learnt with disbelief that MRA approved the clearance of duty free cement, using his TPIN without his knowledge.