Malawians sceptical about proper management of K5bn allocated to education

Minister of Education Hon. Agness NyaLonje

Malawians have said they doubt if the K5 billion which has been allocated to the education sector for purchasing Covid-19 preventive materials among others, will serve its purpose.

Minister of Education Agnes Nyalonje announced that her ministry has been provided with the said amount, last night. In reaction, Malawians on social media believe a great deal of the funds will end up in some authorities’ pockets.

“They have shared the K5  billion in advance,” said Mgalileya Mgali.

“No need to release such amounts, no justification at all. Just send students  to school,” said Dean O’Brien.

“Onjezani Kenani is the rightful person to spend that money accordingly, enawa zingothera ma allowance, fuel and others,” said Progress Masiyano.

Nyalonje said the money will also go towards drilling of boreholes. This is to ensure that all schools have access to water. Schools are reopening on 22nd February, five weeks after they were closed.