Malawians happy with the reappointment of Nundwe as army boss

General Vincent Nundwe

Malawians have expressed satisfaction with the return of General Vincent Nundwe as the head of the country’s army.

President Lazarus Chakwera reinstated Nundwe on Tuesday, five months after his predecessor Peter Mutharika fired him from the position.

Rumours had it that Mutharika replaced Nundwe with Andrew Mathanga because the army protected the citizens during post elections demonstrations.

Malawians on social media are expressing happiness with the return of Nundwe who is described as a patriotic citizen.

“Your return has brought a lot of joy in my heart Mr. I like the way you do your work, you are really professional, welcome back,” says George Kambachoka.

“Another opportunity to serve Malawians, thank goodness. I’m glad Peter is gone, he had quitted us,” says Tao Solo.

“Continue serving Malawi, We are with you,” says Loness Banda.

However some people believe that the army boss has been rehired because he is a Tonse Alliance sympathizer. Such people critisized the president that as most of his appointments might look innocent but underneath the whole issue lies an appeasement policy which has so far been scoring negative marks for the new government.

“Is he the only person to hold that position? Is this what we call moving forward?” questions Ken Wadi.