Malawian entrepreneur to launch Boudoir lingerie line


Former beauty queen Mabel Banda Khonje who is currently based in Netherlands will on 6th of August 2020 launch her lingerie line called Boudoir by Doll Mable. The launching event will take place at the WestCord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam.

The products are designed by Mable herself and all the production is made in the Netherlands. However, the lingerie will be sold in Malawi and Europe. She further said that she intends to have a big market in Malawi and the products are already available in the country ready to go on sale immediately after the launch.

The launch will be a cocktail and champagne event, served with varieties of snacks. It is scheduled start from 6:30pm to 10:30pm. Mable said, “it’s a red carpet event, themed ‘Hollywood glamour’ and people will be welcomed with a glass of champagne at the entrance and there after served drinks and snacks inside.” We will have two big projectors showcasing the lingerie while people mingle, meet and greet.

Entrepreneur Mable Banda Khonje (Doll Mable)

The Boudoir by Doll Mabel will be unveiled with one model strutting the lingerie in the special set, thereafter Mable will make a speech. There will also be a photo booth for pictures, and guests gift boxes will be given with Doll Mabel merchandise. A viewing table will be present where people can see the lingerie.

“It will be a big event with professional photographers and videographers. We also have the press, a local TV station (Amsterdam) and an editor for Fashion Magazine in attendance” Mable said.