Fashion retailer Boohoo praised for promoting a positive body image

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Fashion retailer Boohoo has been praised for an advertising campaign in which a model’s stretch marks are proudly on display.
The image, posted to the shop’s website this week, shows a woman modelling a £9 white bodysuit with unedited stretch marks on her thighs. Several shoppers have taken to Twitter to applaud Boohoo’s decision not to edit the marks out.

One shopper tweeted: “Well done @boohoo for not feeling that this gorgeous girl’s stretch marks had to be airbrushed out. Glad to see some normality favoured over the usually idealised image.

While another wrote: “They have weight on their hips, they have bums, they have stretch marks! Thank you for promoting positive body image.

“What a game changer. The rest of the fashion industry should learn from this.”

This isn’t the first time the fashion brand has featured models with stretchmarks, which are often airbrushed out in fashion shoots by many brands.

Last June, an image of a model wearing a high-rise yellow bodysuit was widely praised for showing her striped bottom and thighs, and over the past few months a number of images of models in lingerie showing off their stretchmarks have featured on their site.

The retailer is known for promoting body positivity, often using a wide range of models of different shapes and sizes.

Stretch marks are narrow lines that occur on the surface of the skin, and affect most women.They are usually caused by pregnancy, puberty, rapid weight gain or having a family history of them.