Covid-19 claims life of former deputy Minister of Agriculture


    Barely a few days after Covid-19 pandemic claimed life of Karonga Central Constituency parliamentarian in the name of Cornelius Mwalwanda, another high profile figure has succumbed to the disease.

    Former deputy Minister of Agriculture and Chiradzulu North legislator Margret Roka Mauwa, is the latest high profile victim.

    Mauwa died in the afternoon hours, a few days after testing positive for the disease. She also served as acting chief executive officer of Agriculture Development Marketing Corporation (ADMARK) before she was appointed to serve in the ministry of Agriculture.

    In the morning hours Malawi lost lawyer Khudze Kapeta to the deadly virus. The sad events have made people describe the day as a dark Sunday.

    Mauwa and Kapeta will be burried by health workers in due course. The country has joined hands in mourning their deaths and those of other victims of the virus.

    Meanwhile, Malawi has over 2000 cases of coronavirus. The number of cases, deaths and recovered is increasing each passing day.