Chilima ends campaign in energetic style

Chilima ends campaign in energetic style

As the presidential election campaign officially comes to an end this weekend, the Tonse Alliance running mate Saulos Chilima had a very energetic and stylish closure with a freedom walk to Njamba. He walked some kilometers to the rally venue at Njamba and did pushups straight after stepping onto the podium. Chilima has been the most travelled campaigner hitting all three regions of the country. The delivery of his message has been with so much passion for the country. His message has also been precise and consistent right through the campaign trail.

Without a doubt, SKC has been the best campaigner of this election. He has been carrying a 50 kgs bag of fertilizer, saying it would be sold at K4,495. He managed to blend the UTM manifesto into the Tonse Alliance and with no doubt it’s the best selling point of their campaign. One can arguably say that the most few top hot sellers of the Tonse Alliance brand are Chilima’s UTM manifesto; for example the low cost fertilizer, pension scheme for the old age, three meals a day for all citizens and the provisions of loans to the youth.

You need to salute SKC for cleverly maintaining a huge number of his supporters and followers to accept and embrace MCP. On the other hand he has also managed to convince the MCP traditionalists of his good intentions to move the country forward and not just for the position. It was evident on his campaign trails seeing the likes of Deputy Speaker Kazombo (MCP) enjoying working with Chilima.

Chilima’s intelligent moves has kept DPP on their toes as he has managed to stay relevant in the coming elections hence resulting in APM to choose Atupele Muluzi to try and match Chilima’s firepower. One has to be super crafty to outsmart SKC and keep him at bay.