Budding talent Nospoh releases new single “Ubwelele”


The upcoming artist known as Nospoh in music industry, real Hopeson kanzende has recently released a new song titled Ubwelele in which he featured his musical friend Big Joe.

Nospoh was born in Malawi in the city of Blantyre and grew up listening and singing along to Hip Hop and RnB music. Speaking to Low Profile Malawi, he said “no one has really exposed me to such music, it just happened that I came across TV channel’s and Radio Station’s that played them.” My favourite artist’s were Chris Brown and Lil Wayne. On the radio I loved listening to Gowelo Beats and Nyatwa Flavour where they played Malawian urban music.

As I grew up I started writing rhymes which I kept to myself self. I can remember that I started writing in 2011 and I knew that I could be a good song writer. I could replace original lyrics from the original music when I couldn’t understand what they said.

Upcoming artist Nospoh

Nospoh further said that in 2012 his sister met a friend whose brother was a producer. She wrote a song which she sang to me and she was going to record it. I actually thought I could do better so I decided to write my first song ever using an instrumental of ‘Make It Rain’ by Fat Joe and it was rap so since then I have been singing and rapping.

“I’ve also been making music with different people and groups. Some of them are B.O.T, Youth of vision, Peace G, Big Joe, Siforiz, Bless P and Chiko.

Talented Nospoh likes working on beats like trap, hip-hop, RnB and Afro Pop. Hemakes music about himself and the world around him.

He is so thankful for the people who have been following and supporting his musical life.Much  thanks to Jesus who makes everything possible.

Listen to the song on the below link.