British Army Malawian community in UK raise nearly K4m so far for Covid-19


The Malawi UK Military Community (MUMCo) whose members are currently serving or veterans in the British Armed Forces is taking on a 7000 mile challenge to raise £7,000 to buy personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers treating Covid-19 patients in Malawi. The distinctive number 7000 was chosen as it’s an estimated distance in miles between UK and Malawi.

This charitable challenge had commenced on May 4 and will run through the entire month. There are over 100 people currently taking part in the challenge doing various activities such as running, walking, cycling and swimming. The members are using an online Gofundme platform for well-wishers and sponsors to make their financial donations on the following link:

For the well-wishers in Malawi, donations can be made using National Bank of Malawi, Bruno Kantiko, Acc No 1006566746, Victoria Avenue Branch. Bruno Kantiki is one of the executive members of MUMCo and has recently completed a solo challenge in April by running 100 miles in 10 days and managed to raise over K3 million for the same goal of procuring personal protective equipment (PPE).

This 7000 mile challenge has also been positively embraced by different other non-Malawian communities and has received very positive support. The idea of the challenge was an inspiration from the amazing story of the 99 year old British Army veteran Captain Tom Moore who had just raised over 30 million British Pounds for the UK National Health Services by walking a certain distance within a targeted time frame.