Bar owner dies in a beer contest.


    Bar owner, Brave Banda aged 28 has died in Kasungu after drinking ten bottles of beer in a contest.

    Kasungu police spokesperson, inspector Edna Mzingwitsa, says the deceased was from Kamphungu village in the area of T/A Kawamba in the district.

    Police say Banda challenged customers in his bar yesterday that he could in succession drink ten bottles of a particular alcohol brand which contains 43 percent. 

    “The deal was that if the pub owner was successful, the customers would would pay a resultant bill,” said Mzingwitsa. 

    But on emptying the tenth beer, Banda fainted. 

    Banda died later at Kamboni Health Centre.

    Police have since warned people against taking risks that could harm their lives such as consumption of alcohol on empty tummies.